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Default Re: fuel pump electrical supply, 1984 T-Type

Found good continuity on tan wire from body harness connector at tank, to fuel pump relay connector tan (or is it gray?) wire.

FYI, in case someone else has this problem:
A long (10 feet?) wire helps make this test. Insert a wire into the fuel pump body harness connector and lay it just right, so that the test wire touches the exposed harness pin in the WeatherPack connector. Run that wire all the way to the engine compartment, to allow checking continuity to the relay harness connector near the passenger side fender, using an ohmmeter.

Next, I jumped the relay hot (pink-black) to relay load output (tan, or gray). The fuel pump energized and brought the fuel rail up to about 38psi.

I guess I have a bad fuel pump relay. On my 1984 Regal, the OEM relay has part number 10027719. There is brown greasy stuff on the wiring connector that plugs into this relay and also the connector for the A/C cutoff relay next to it on the passenger-side metal bracket.
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