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Default Re: fuel pump electrical supply, 1984 T-Type

With cranking the engine, it sputters, but won't run.

A few days back I had it running very poorly (ran with a sound like pup pup pup...). I fiddled with the wires and connectors on the front of the engine below the coil pack. This made it almost stall.

Today, same crank - sputter - won't run. I felt around the coil pack, and found a harness connector under the coil pack, that has wires that lead up toward the intake manifold. I felt it un-mate while poking around in there.

After plugging it back in, the engine started and ran! ! Pretty smooth for the engine not running for several years!

I think rodents have been trying to disassemble my wiring harness wire by wire. To make a nest. Or to sell it on ebay.
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