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Default Re: Serpintine Belt #'s

I have been fighting the serpentine belt war for a few months now. belt shredded, found it was a loose alternator bracket that mounts to the driver side header bolt. Fixed and replaced with the 64" belt. Belt started slipping. replaced the tensioner pulley, no luck. Replaced alternator, water pump, and finally belt tensioner (which are no where to be found by the way). No fix. The 64" belt still slips. It appears that it is about 1/8 of an inch too long to set proper tension. I could spin the alternator fan with my finger. Dropped down to the 63 " belt and all is well again with the world. I do still have air conditioning. The tension seems right. Just saying so that noone else spends roughly a $1000.00 when the right size belt is $25.00. I have a spare belt tensioner is anyone is looking for one.
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