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Default Re: Getting a tach to read properly (Split from: Re: Analyzing ignition misfires)

Originally Posted by Keller View Post
For clarity's sake, I guess we need to know if he is referring to the 84-85 setup (unlikely), the 86-87 setup (very likely, and I believe this is generally referred to as the Magnavox DIS, and possibly Type I), or the Type II (less likely) used in the Series II (NOT Stage II) motors. The last selection has individual coils, and can be adapted for use on our cars.

To my knowledge, the Type II does not allow the tach output lead with the green connector to function at all.

My comments were in reference to the 86-87 configuration.
Magnovox stock replacement MODULE (I don't think the coil has anything to do with the tach out) for 86-87 sold by NOS4GN and now I have lost my tach out signal under the hood behind the alternator. Anyone have a way to get this to work again with the new ignition module?? thanks.
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