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Default Amazing recovery story

A friend has a beautiful 1986 GN that he got from his Dad's best friend who was the original owner. This is a low mileage (58,500), garaged specimen that he "gave" away for 10k. The car needed bumper fillers and tires that's it.

Well, my buddy has done a couple minor mods but it is stock and he usually just cruises around in it on weekends. He is always careful with this car and keeps it perfect. He takes his wife and his 2 year old to a car show one night and then he parks it in the garage like always. He doesn't use it again for three weeks. One Friday night we go to get in and it smells TERRIBLE in the interior. I almost puked. Dave sets a fan pointed inside the car and empties a can of Febreze in there but it doesn't even help. We think an animal (rat?) has died in it but the only thing in the car is his kid's empty sippy cup under the passenger seat. Turns out the sippy cup HAD chocolate milk in it and it somehow leaked out. Horrible stench. So his GN sits for like a month while Dave is deciding to get new carpet and get it shipped.

Then Dave walks out of his house one morning and the garage is open and the car is gone!!!! He calls me to ask what I did (I keep an extra set of keys) and I told him I didn't do anything. He tells me he is going to call 911 and I tell him GO AHEAD I didn't steal the car. Cop comes, writes a report, no sign of forced open door so the cop says the garage might have been left open. None of the neighbors saw or heard anything unusual. There is a mark in the driveway that looks suspicious. So they are going through the insurance headache to get the car replaced and the insurance agent says to begin looking for a car while the claims department investigates.

SO I FIND a Craigslist ad for "87 GNX being parted out" and I call. The guy is about 30 minutes away and says it is complete and to come check it out but it is parts only. He sends pics that looks like a GN I had seen before! and it has an 86 grille and is definitely not a GNX b/c of no vents and dash says GN! We get there and guess what? Rear end and wheels are gone and IT HAS A TERRIBLE SMELL!!! Cell phone + 911 + police report = car recovered!!!
The guy is arrested - said he just bought the car from someone else!
1987 GN - resoration took 23 months and I am now on the road!
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