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Old 08-23-2004, 11:01 PM
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Default Which Program?

What program is best for programming the chips? I have one called 'Turbo Edit' , not sure if this will work, any suggestions?

I just installed a TA-49 and 38 lb MSD injectors, and the chip that is currently in car is programmed for the stock turbo with 36 lb injectors... any suggestions? I'm new to this but a friend with experience in this is doing it for me..

any help would be great
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Old 08-25-2004, 11:44 PM
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Default Re: Which Program?

Hey there.
I just thought I'd give you a hand here, since I recently began with that, myself. Well..I suppose not recently, now, it -has- been a while. There are really several solutions, the most free of which is an editor program I actually made myself, and would be more than willing to send your way. It's designed for the 1227148 (?) ECM..
I'm sure you're aware you'll need a burner and eraser and all that happy stuff. If you'd like to discuss this at length some time, have any questions, or would like a copy of my editor, feel free to drop me an email.

As for software, I've used several different programs and find the best to be the C.A.T.S. Tuner, and RT Tuner (For eeprom emulators, which are somewhat more high-dollar)....though I hear tell GMPCM is also a good solution. I've used BMCS T6Tuner, and found it..lacking. If you use CATS Tuner, I have a definition file that contains literally twice the amount of information to edit, also available upon request. If I recall, CATS has a 30-day trial or some such, which would allow you a fair amount of time to perfect a chip.
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Old 08-29-2004, 08:10 PM
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Default Re: Which Program?

Commercially, there is tunercat and I'm sure I'm forgetting one. There are three freeware programs that share a common bin definition file. The earliest is promedit, a dos program that created the .ecu file format. WinBin was next, a windows gui-based editor by Eric Aos, who seems to have stopped development ( Most recently, Mark Mansur introduced TunerPro (which started as gmecm editor or something like that) as freeware and a more advanced program that includes real-time programming using xtronics' Romulator as shareware ( There are a couple of .ecu definition files in the public domain for the 7148. I've released two (the first, smaller one had a couple of errors so get the later one), which are in the uploads folder at the ftp site. I have most of the important stuff for tuning, but have a long ways to go to get it all in. In the tech resources here there is a commented disassembly listing done by Mike Pitts and Scot Sealander, and proofed/corrected/edited by Denis Leek and myself, and a spreadsheet by Dave Huinker which gives data locations and conversion formulae for the data half of the eprom. I think there's also another spreadsheet with data from other gm chips (there are at least six chips released by gm: cmw, the early 86 chip; axca, the late 86/all of 87 chip; bbkj, the emissions recall chip from about 1990; the tta chip; the gnx chip; and at least one performance chip from what was supposed to be a line of "stage" chips).
Carl Ijames carl.ijames at
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Old 09-02-2004, 08:54 PM
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Arrow Re: Which Program?

The links for the info that Carl mentions can be found here:and the EPROM info is here:
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