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Old 10-21-2005, 04:50 PM
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Default Difference between a 1986 and 1987 Grand National?

Q: What is the difference between a 1986 and 1987 Grand National?

A: Even though the factory had different horsepower ratings, and Internet myths abound, the facts are there were no major mechanical differences between the two years. The HP ratings were at different points in the RPM curves and were more marketing than anything else, since they were both pretty underrated to begin with.

Some of the differences:
  1. '86 GNs could be ordered with Electronic Climate control. Not available in 87.
  2. '86 grill has a chrome strip at the top, while '87 is all black
  3. Oil cooler lines were rubber for 86 and braided cloth covered for 87
  4. Door pulls were black on 86s and grey on 87s
  5. Chip designations were different and 87s had a bit better cold start in them ... not really important, since most people don't use the stock chips anyway!
  6. 87s were built in two distinct production runs ... the "regular" build cars could have a lot of "ala carte" options and combinations (such as the posi G80 was an option). "Extended build" cars were made after about March of '87 to fill the demand created for the car and as a "last hoorah" for the G Body production plant. These cars had a lot of things (such as posi) lumped into packages that came standard.
  7. Fuel pump wiring was slightly improved for 87
  8. Front coil springs on the 86 were slightly different (softer)
  9. Power Steering reservoir was revised in '87 to solve a foaming problem (and is often seen on the '86s due to a recall)
  10. Cruise control servo is slightly different
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