Glossary of Commonly Used Terms
Abbreviations and Acronyms for the Turbo Regals
BLM - Block learn multiplier (ECM parameter)
Cat - Catalytic converter
C3 - Type of ECM used on the Turbo Regals
C3I - Computer controlled coil ignition
CPS - Crank position sensor
CTS - Coolant Temperature Sensor
ECM - Electronic control module
EGR - Exhaust gas recirculation, EGR valve
ESC - Electronic Spark Control
EST - Electronic Spark Timing
FP - Fuel pressure
G80 - Limited slip differential option
GN - Grand National
GNX - Limited production special Grand National
IAC - Idle air control, IAC motor
LC2 - Turbo 3.8 engine option in '86-'87
LM9 - Turbo 3.8 engine option in '84-'85
LV8 - Load variable (ECM parameter)
MAF - Mass air flow sensor
MAT - Manifold air temperature sensor
mV - Millivolts
N2O - Nitrous oxide
O2 - Oxygen, Oxygen sensor
PSI - Pounds per square inch
PWM - Pulse Width Modulated
RPM - Revolutions per minute
SCAN tool - A device to read ECM parameters
SFI - Sequential Fuel Injection
TCC -Torque converter clutch
TPS - Throttle position sensor
TR - Turbo Regal (any T-Type, Grand National, Sport Coupe)
TV - Throttle valve, TV cable
V - Volts
VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor
WE2 - Grand National option package
WE4 - Low production Turbo-T option for '87. Package features black T with grey bucket interior. Uses GN bumpers. No Regal badges on rear quarters and no hood ornament.
WOT - Wide open throttle

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