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The following sites contain specific content of interest to Buick enthusiasts. This information is predominantly related to Buick-powered vehicles. In some cases, general information related to maintaining, modifying or racing your Buick is also provided.
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GNX Homepage

GN/T-Type list subscriber Rob Wilson's page is a great source of information on those 547 very rare, very fast Buicks known as GNXes.

GNX Information Page

Another source of information on those 547 very rare, very fast Buicks known as GNXes.

Before Black Web Pages

Covers both the 1982 GN and all 1978-1983 Buick Turbo V6 cars.A page dedicated to the rarest Grand National and information about these rare unique vehicles.

SC3800 Homepage

This group is for those who like their Buick torque sideways and supercharged! Dediated to the modern front-wheel-drive Buicks powered by the Supercharged 3800 V6. A worthy successor to the heritage of Buick power, performance, and class.

GSList Homepage

The GSList is a group dedicated to the forefathers of the Turbo Buicks: The Buick Grand Sports. In the 60s and early 70s, going fast meant only one thing: eight cylinders and plenty of cubic inches. Take a look at this site to see some of Buick's entries into the horsepower wars of the muscle car era.

Scott Mitchell's Turbo Trans Am Homepage

The sheet metal may have been Poncho, but the heart of the 20th Anniversary Trans Am was pure 3.8 liter Turbo Buick. These cars paced the 1989 Indy 500 with only a set of strobe lights added. List subscriber Scott Mitchell maintains this homepage.

Russ Salerno's Turbo Trans Am Homepage

Another great source for information on the 20th Anniversary Trans Am. List subscriber Russ Salerno maintains this homepage.

20th Anniversary Buick Riviera

A dedication to the rare (only 502 made) 20th Anniversary Riviera.

Chris' Buick Riviera Spot

Chris Knowles' page hilights the restoration and preservation of the Buick Riviera.

Syclone/Typhoon Home Page

If turbo-truckin' is more your style, here's a page with tips, tricks and general info on the Turbo Buicks' GM cousins: The Syclone and Typhoon.

GM High Tech Performance Magazine

Although not exclusively committed to Buick power, GMHTP frequently features Buicks or Buick powered vehicles. Selected articles are available at the above URL in electronic form. Have a look !

The Turbo Buick Newsletter (TBN)

This site provides information about the Turbo Buick Newsletter's bi-monthly publication, The SOURCE which accumulates, compares, provides, and relays maintenance, performance, technical, and general information about Buick SFI-Turbo V6-powered vehicles.

Dragnet Home Page

The Dragnet home page is dedicated to the sport of Drag Racing and offers some interesting and useful information on the sport and the members of this club. Highly Recommended!

Alldata Database

This informative electronic database of automotive repair information lists the recall and repair notices for almost any car on the road today. Check out the list for the Regals - you might be surprised at what you find!

The Physics of Racing

A series of articles that explains various aspects of car performance including: handling, launching, etc. in terms of the Physics involved. Better dust off your Calculus 101 books...

Handy Automotive Math Programs

Need to calculate your best possible ET for a given MPH ? Compression ratio ? Correct size injectors for your engine ? Well put away that calculator, Boosty, and point your web browser to this site. A wealth of automotive calculation programs are just a mouse click away.

The National Street Car Association

Information about this organization.

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