Listings of Turbo Regal Media
The following publications contain articles/features
on the Turbo Regals from 1978 to 1987.


Guide to Buick Grand National, T-Type & GNX - Volume 1 & 2 - Steven L Dove
Buick GNX - A Performance Legend In Its Own Time - Martyn L. Schorr
Buick Free Spirit Power Manual - John Thawley, 1980
Buick Free Spirit Power Manual; Second Revised Edition - John Thawley, 1980 (Many Updates)
Buick Free Spirit Power Manual; 1985 Revised Edition - John Thawley, 1980 (W/ Stage Parts)
V-6 Performance; Buick Ford & Chevy 90°/60° - Pat Ganahl, 1982 (Mostly Buick)
Buick Power Source 1985
Buick GN-T-TYPE-GNX; Super Facts and Figures Book - Steven L. Dove
Car and Driver
Car Craft
Cars Illustrated
Collectible Automobile
GM High Tech Performance
Guide to Muscle Cars
High Performance Pontiac
Hot Rod
Modern Musclecars (Cars Illustrated Special Edition)
Motor Trend
Muscle Car Review
Muscle Cars
Musclecar Classics
Popular Cars
Popular Hot Rodding
Popular Mechanics
Road & Track
Street & Strip Supercar (Cars Illustrated Special Edition)
Super Stock & Drag Illustrated
Turbo and Hi-Tech Performance


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