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Once again this year, the GN/T-Type Mailing List was well-represented at the GSCA Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The following is a collection of some of our snapshots from the event. If you've never been, you really don't know how much fun you're missing...

These guys must think we're pretty cool...they even named one of the local landmarks after this event !

The "I"s have it, as list member Chris Kuni demonstrated.

List member Jeff Thornton (left) and his brother-in-law demonstrated the fine art of cooking out in style.

"I'm too sexy for my socks, too sexy for my socks..." Can you guess which list member this leg belongs to ?

Members Sandy Mercer (left) and Zak Klein take a break during the Saturday car show.

Once list member Jeff Franz said he'd buy the beer if the Electra got into the 12s, things got really serious ! List members Andy Livermore (left) and Jim Sickler were up to the challenge.

Looking for tenths, Jim even decided to make sure the Electra's "pipes were clean".

Alas, it wasn't to be: the Electra squeaked out a 13.1, a personal best, but it wasn't quite good enough to relieve Franz of his beer money. Watch out next year, Jeff !

"Two way radios, video cameras, laptops, accelerometers.
Technogeeks ? Nah, not us.

Scott Palmer signs off from another year at the nats.

Sandy Mercer is ready for action in Tom Chou's TA.

From left: Members Scott Keller, Ron Bean, Jerry Knox and Jerry Wort talk tech in the pits.

Talk about your "pocket rockets" !
Tom Osiecki's RX-7 is certainly one we wouldn't mind owning.
The 3.8 Turbo drivetrain gives it plenty of muscle. At the`96 Nationals, it ran 12.50. Subsequently, he's gotten it down to 11 teens @ 121 mph!
His wife now uses it to go to work. Best not be calling this Mazda a "rice burner"...

Scott Simpson (background) and Scott Palmer (foreground) are cool because:
  1. They both wear red shirts.
  2. They're both named 'Scott'
  3. They both drive Turbo Cars
  4. All of the above !

"Alright, which one of you wiseasses substituted The Sound of Music for the tape of my last run ?

Here we see a few of the GN/T-Type list members gathered for a picture after "Happy Hour" at the Greenwood.
Rear, from left: Larry Fisher, Jim Edwards, Chris Purnell, Jerry Wort, Tom Chipperfield, Scott Simpson,
Tom Chou, Jerry Knox, Gerry Bragg, Ken McMillan, Rich Inacker
Front, from left: Scott Palmer, Rex Chu, Kent Chu, Brian McMillan, Ian Fiala, Sandy Mercer.

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