1997 GS Nationals Scrapbook
Continuation of
97 GS Nationals
Snapshot Page

Not your typical luxo-cruiser,
This Caddy sports Turbo 3.8 power!

Jeff Franz''s T-Type. A work in progress...

Jim Sickler's Electra staging

List members chill out at the Hampton Inn during the power failure. (From left: Jerry Wort, Jeff Thornton, Jim Sickler, Eric Wort and Jeff's 'Bro-in-law)

At the List dinner. From left: ?, ?, ?, Kevin Kreutwiser, Tom Chipperfield, and Scott Simpson (foreground).

Lawrence and Janace Conley at the list dinner.

Jeff Franz, after getting stuck with the BILL for dinner.

If you weren't able to go this year plan on coming to next years race.
We would love to see most of the List members attend.
Until next year, drive carefully.

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