Turbo Regal Heater Core Replacement
Scott Keller - keller@gnttype.org
1. Disconnect underhood light.
2. Remove seal from edge of cowl.
3. Remove A/C solenoid from top section of A/C-heater housing. (2-7mm screws).
4. Disconnect electrical connector on A/C drier.
5. Disconnect 3 electrical connections on the blower motor.
6. Remove blower vent tube.
7. Remove wiper arms. Be careful not to damage them.
8. Remove lower windshield trim and wiper rests. (5-7mm screws) The trim is not stiff enough to be held unsupported. Support it at both ends, or have someone help you take it off and set it aside. Otherwise, it may get 'kinked'.
9. Remove blower motor. (5-1/4" screws and 1-7mm screw for ground tab).
10. Remove cowl vent. (6-7mm screws) Note that one screw may have a washer on it. The wiring harness should now be free. Move it out of your way.
11. Remove lower trim supports. (4-12mm nuts)
12. Remove upper A/C-heater housing. (4-10mm screws and 2-1/4 screws)

The heater core should be easy to remove at this point. One screw holds it in with a bracket and ground strap at the top, and a clip holds it in at the bottom. Reverse the procedure for assembly. Use a sealant on the housing, particularly where it meets the firewall. You may get rain leaking in to the passenger compartment otherwise.

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