Revved Up Power Windows
Lyle Simons
Picked up 2 seconds this weekend - but kids, don't try this at home..(alone anyway). Just finished R & Ron the power window motors and regulators on my TR. All in all, this "should" be a fairly easy task just make sure you have an assistant for about 20 minutes.

My driver's side window had the unfortunate habit of sticking in the up position. I replaced the switch - no luck. The motor must have a bad spot on the armature. Well, since I was faced with the R&R anyway, I decided to do the "fast window" upgrade that Kirban advertised a while back for $500 (you had to fly-in his private mechanic to do the job). I thought this was one of Kirbans better ideas (the windows - not the mechanic...).

Basically, you use the motors/regulators out of an early (78/79) A body (Regal, Malibu/El camino, Monte, etc). An easy way to ID the 78/79 Regal is that they have single headlights. These motors are overkill to say the least, so there's not much worry about getting stuck with a tired one. They also have counter sprung regulators (the '87 didn't) that really get the windows screamin'.

Before you run out to the local boneyard, be prepared. You need to use a cold chisel to cut 5 aluminum rivets that secure the motors to the inner door skin. It took me about 15 minutes per side to remove them "in the field" 8-). The trick is to remove a small 6" track in the middle of the door first. Then, after you cut the rivets, the whole assembly can be maneuvered out of an access hole. You'll also need the short harness that runs from the kick panel to the switch/motor. The harness that runs across the dash is common - so you won't need that. I noticed that the '87 windows use a flip/flop type of switching on the motor (one line goes to ground - the other to 12V, then flips for the other direction). The early version just supplies 12V to one of two wires and gets the ground from the chassis.

After I cleaned/greased the "new" assembly and snaked it into the door, I realized that removing one of these and installing one is entirely different! If only I had someone to hold the window glass while I secured everything, it would have been a 30 minute job. Instead, it was a 3 hour job - complete with bloody knuckles. Not to discourage anyone - because it really would be routine if you had some help

Now that everything is buttoned up, I'm very pleased with the results. I timed the drivers side before the conversion at just under 4 secs. The new motors zip the windows up in less than 2 seconds. Imagine - 2 seconds off my WET (Window Elapsed Time) for a measly $40 at the junkyard

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