Turbo Regal Wiring Diagrams
Diagrams scanned for GNTTYPE by Jim Testa
Since there have been so many wiring questions on the list, I decided I would put as many diagrams as I have on the web for you all. They are individually viewed, or you may download the complete zip file (system diagrams, or complete sectional wiring diagrams).

To save to your computer, let each image clicked load, then right click the image, select save image as:, then set the target directory, and ok. I hope these help somebody!
Sectional Diagrams
  • Engine Compartment Diagram:
    • Includes a component locator, noting grid area and figure number for devices in the electrical system. This diagram shows front lighting, starting, charging, and cooling fan wiring.
  • ECM wiring for a Turbo Regal:
    • Includes a connector ID, and pinouts/wire colors for the Turbo ECM and sensors. And C3I Module pinouts and connections. A very good troubleshooting tool.
  • The firewall bulkhead and fuseblock:
    • Shows bulkhead (place all the wires go through the firewall, below the wiper motor) pinout, and fusebox. Includes fuse number, amperage, and buss locations within the fusebox. Also has gear selector switch.
  • Ignition switch, Twilight Sentinal and Speed sensor buffer:
    • This diagram shows ignition switch wire colors, pinout, some of the powermaster electronics, the speed sensor buffer module, chime module pinout/wire colors, and Twilight Sentinal pinout and wire colors.
  • Cruise Cont. Wipers, and Directionals:
    • Shows directional switch and plug pinout/wire colors, Wiper washer module pinouts, defogger switch, cruise control module pinout/wire colors, and part of the brake switch circuit.
  • Instrument Cluster Wiring:
    • Includes connector pin identification, pinout, wire colors (Turbo and Non-Turbo)
  • A/C Heater and Blower Switch:
    • Shows wiring and pinout of dash controller, for both manual and auto A/C. Does NOT seem to show Delay relay, but pretty comprehensive still. For Delay relay, see System Diagrams - Cooling fan.
  • Factory Alarm, Power Accessories, and Tailights:
    • Diagram show most power accesories: courtesy lighting, power seats, sunroof, power antenna, opera lights (Limited only I guess), power locks, and power windows.
  • Download all 8 Diagrams
    • All 8 diagrams in a zip file. Virus Checked with AVP, but feel free to double check before opening. :-).
System Diagrams

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