Seventh Injector Recipe
Gary Bestex
You Will Need (Jegs is a good source)
1NOS fan spray nozzle #741-13500 $3
1NOS fuel selonoid #741-16080 $63
1NOS switch to turn selonoid off & on #741-15750 $35
1Russell #4001 #6AN swivel coupler $7
1Russell #60451 #6AN x 1/8 pipe $4
1Russell #60411 #3AN x 1/8 pipe $3
1Russell #60551 #3 tube nut $5
1Russell #60631 #3 tube sleeve $4
3NOS jets your choice. I suggest a #16,18,20 $3 ea.?
1. Screw #60451 into inlet side of selonoid.
2. Screw #60411 into outlet side of selonoid.
3. Use #4001 to connect selonoid assembly to regulator side of fuel rail.
4. Slide #s 60551 and 60631 over a piece of #3 steel line from your local parts store. (Buy a couple feet. You"ll only need 6inches or so but you probably will mess up a piece or two trying to get the length correct).
5. Drill and tap a 1/16 npt hole into pipe going into throttle body ( Mine's 3 inches from end of pipe).
6. Install #741-13500 into this pipe. Slide jet into #13500. Measure and cut #3 line to fit between jet and #60411. Double check your measurements. If your sure they are correct, then flare both ends ( you didn't forget to put tube nut and sleeve on the pipe before you flared it, did you?)
7. Tube nut #60551 screws over jet and onto nozzle.
8. Other end of #3 line screws onto #60411.
9. Next, plumb #15750 into line going from evaporation canister to throttle body or other pressure line of your choice. Just a tee fitting is required (Think it comes with one ).
10. We're ready to make the electrical connections. The fuel selonoid has two wires. Connect one to back of the altenator. The other goes to one of the terminals on #15750 (switch).
11. Next, run a wire off of the other terminal of #15750 to a good ground (One of the two bolts holding fuel pressure regulator is good).

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