Pressure Cleaning Your Fuel Inejctors
Scott Simpson
To remove any built up varnish from the insides of the fuel injectors. Clogged fuel injectors can be the cause of hundreds of problems.
You Will Need
Fuel Injector Cleaning "Kit" and can of pressurized solvent. These kits are available from all the major TR vendors whom are reselling the kit originally available from Sutton Engineering in Illinois. Do not buy the On-off valve as this is just wasted money. You may also find the correct hose with fittings at your local NAPA etc. It's basically an A/C recharge hose but if you get the wrong one, you're going to have one hell of a mess.
  1. Bring engine to operating temperature and shut off by killing power to the fuel pump to relieve rail pressure.

  2. Leave fuel pump(s) disconnected. You will run the car on solvent only.

  3. Take cap off the end of the fuel rail.

  4. Remove vacuum line from fuel pressure regulator and plug with supplied plug (or a golf tee etc.) The reason for this is that you do not want any of the solvent returning to the tank via the return line which would be a waste.

  5. Attach one end of the hose to the fuel rail (Schrader valve may have to come out if the hose doesn't depress the valve far enough) and the other to the can of solvent...slowly.

  6. Once the tab in the hose "breaks" into the can of solvent you will hear the "rush" of the fluid going into your fuel rail.

  7. Now start the car and keep it idling until can is empty (you may have to rev a little near the end of the can.) You can rev the motor a little during cleaning to "open" the injectors a little more but its not of much benefit.

  8. When done, SLOWLY remove the hose from the can and then from the rail. Caution as the cleaning fluid _will_eat_paint.

  9. Put cap back on fuel rail, reconnect fuel pressure regulator and fuel pump.

  10. Start as normal.
You may want to put solvent can in the freezer for an hour beforehand to lower the can's internal pressure which is actually very high at 70 degrees ambient.

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