Using GM's Top Engine Cleaner
Scott Simpson -
To remove any carbon buildup from the cylinder head combustion chambers, valve train and possibly the outside of the fuel injectors.
Equipment Needed
One can of liquid (not aerosol) GM Top Engine Cleaner. Should be less than $10 at your local GM dealer. This stuff may be available at NAPA or your favorite parts store for less
  1. Bring engine to operating temperature and shut off.

  2. Disconnect MAF sensor and inlet pipe from intercooler. Also loosen the inlet pipe to throttle body hose/clamp and rotate inlet pipe to pour in the cleaner.

  3. Start engine. You will get error code 34 but that can be ignored for now.

  4. Slowly pour half the bottle of cleaner into the inlet pipe while keeping the engine from dying. You will probably see some white smoke coming out of the exhaust which is the built-up carbon from the cylinder heads.

  5. Now dump the remaining half bottle into the inlet pipe.

  6. This will kill the engine (if not shut it off).

  7. Allow the cleaner to "soak in" for about 15 minutes.

  8. While waiting, reconnect everything disconnected above (including the MAF sensor!) and unplug then reconnect the orange ECM wire to reset the error code set above.

  9. Start the motor and watch lots of white smoke pour out of the exhaust.

Good-bye carbon! For obvious reasons do not do this in the garage!

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