Virgin Stage I Block 3.8 Liter
Casting number 25500012



Features of Note:
  • Notice the solid lifter valley with oil return at the ends of the block.
  • Notice the knock sensor provision
Features of Note:
  • Notice the four bolt holes per cylinder but extra "meat" for additonal bolt holes on the top and bottom of each cylinder
  • Notice bridged water passage on the deck
  • Notice the tiny cylinder bores! This block has never been finish machined



Features of Note:
  • Notice beefy main webbing with room for 4 bolt mains
  • Oil Pickup mount is at the top and right side of picture, same as production block but has never been machined out!
  • Notice underside of lifter gallery is much like the later turbo production blocks (solid casting).
Features of Note:
  • Notice no turbo oil return hole (top left of block)
  • Cam oil galleries are not drilled out


Features of Note:
  • Rear main is pretty beefy
  • Notice cast in ribs for strength and rigidity.

Submitted by:

Archie Anderson