1984 Production Block 4.1 Liter
Casting number 25506484



Features of Note:
  • Notice the rough-cast lifter valley like early turbo blocks.
Features of Note:
  • Notice the "4.1" cast into the block at the bellhousing mount.
Features of Note:
  • Thinner oil pan rails like early turbo blocks.
  • Oil Pickup mount is at bottom center of picture.
  • 14 bolt oil pan.
Features of Note:
  • No provision for turbo oil drain.
  • Cam oil galleries are to either side of cam journals (no plugs in picture)
  • Two reinforcing ribs, more than early turbo blocks, less than '86/'87.
Features of Note:
  • Two reinforcing ribs.
  • Provision for knock sensor (hole to left of ribs).

Submitted by:

Mark Stewart