1984-1985 Production Block 3.8 Liter
Casting number 25520329



Features of Note:
  • Notice the lifter valley is cast and the oil drain back is accomplished through rough openings (as opposed to later blocks which have a smooth casting here with holes drilled
  • Notice the knock sensor provision ( hole on left side of picture)
  • Notice more pronounced casting between lifter bores
Features of Note:
  • Notice the four bolt holes per cylinder



Features of Note:
  • Notice no turbo oil return line hole or even a boss cast for one
  • Notice no "ribs" in the upper valley casting like the later blocks
Features of Note:
  • Notice that if you look carefully you can really see the large "ragged" openings in the lifter valley for oil drain back
  • Notice only 14 bolts in the oil pan rail
  • Notice slightly different angle of the oil pickup
  • Notice how the oil pan rails are slightly thinner than the later blocks (especially around the webs)

Submitted by:

Doug Johnson