Stage I Off Center Block 4.1 Liter
Casting number 25500016

O Ring and Sleeve


Features of Note:
  • Notice the closeness of the bores, this block has been bored 0.040" over
  • This block was originally prepped by Duttweiler. Notice the O ring grooves around the cylinders for better head sealing.
  • Cylinder #4 (to the right) is sleeved ... you can see the edge *just* inside the O ring groove
Features of Note:
  • Notice the "blank" provision for the extra head bolt (top edge of deck)
  • If you look carefully you can see the O ring grooves
  • Notice the "siamese" design of the cylinders, as opposed to a 3.8
  • Notice the small steam holes between the cylinders
  • This block is assembled using JE full floating pistons



Features of Note:
  • Notice thicker main webs in block
  • 2 bolt cast iron main caps
  • Stock location oil pump pickup
  • ARP rod bolts and main studs
Features of Note:
  • Notice beefy front web near the mains
  • Ribs in the front valley area
  • This block already has been drilled for the turbo oil return
  • On the left side is a pressure sender for an oil gauge
  • Notice the cam oil galley plugs are in place and crank is installed

Submitted by:

Eric Marshall