Terry Houston Downpipe
with integral wastegate

Earl Brown earlbrown@mindspring.com
Features of Note:
  • The stock downpipe with the catalytic converter attached is at the top of the picture
  • The Terry Houston Downpipe is at the bottom of the picture
  • You can see that the Terry Houston unit replaces the catalytic converter with an intergral section of the downpipe
  • The stock downpipe has a flanged upper end design to fit into a "doughnut" gasket and a cast iron elbow housing the wastegate flapper
  • The Terry Houston pipe replace the elbow with a mandrel bent curve of pipe. The wastegate actuator is still stock style and built into the mating surface that attaches to the turbo.
Features of Note:
  • Another view of the two pipes. The Terry Houston unit is at the top of the picture with the stock pipe at the bottom of the picture
  • If you look closely, you can see the wastegate flapper arm on the Terry Houston piece
  • You can also see the exhaust cutout built into the Terry Houston piece (down by the catalytic converter flange at the left of the picture)
Features of Note:
  • Stock style "puck" attaches to the stock actuator
  • Notice smooth interior bend
  • Notice stock style flapper arm
  • Puck is bigger than stock
Features of Note:
  • Notice how the flapper arm attaches to the actuator (like stock)
  • Smooth mandrel bend
  • Puck "pocket" smoothly joins with downpipe