Aftermarket Exhaust
From headers to tail pipes

Driver's Side

Features of Note:
  • Driver's side header
  • Longer primary turbes than stock
  • Square exhaust ports
  • Aircraft style V band clamps on the crossover flange
  • 3 into one design with larger collector than stock
Features of Note:
  • Passenger's side header
  • Turbo wastegate plumbing for a racegate style wastegate (as opposed to downpipe style)
  • Square exhaust ports
  • O2 sensor relocated from stock
  • V band clamps
  • 3 into 1 and separate inputs to the turbo from each bank (vs. log style for stock))
  • 4 bolt turbo flange
  • Reinforcement brace for turbo to header flange

Submitted by:

Shawn Bestvater