Stage II Heads
Casting number



Features of Note:
  • Notice the HUGE intake ports!
  • You can see there is no EGR provision
Features of Note:
  • Notice the very heavy duty retainers for the springs
  • You can see the stud provisions for a Jessel style valve train
  • You can also see the provision for extra head bolts along the exhaust side



Features of Note:
  • D shaped exhaust ports
  • HUGE ports again
  • Notice the extra head bolt provisions
  • You can see the large diameter coils of the springs
  • You can also see the studs on the right side of the picture
Features of Note:
  • Very large valves, compared to stock heads
  • Familar Buick combustion chamber shape, but quench area is more heart shaped for unshrouding the valves
  • You can see the 6 head bolts per combustion chamber clearly
  • Notice the very thick bridge at the end of the heads over the coolant passage

Submitted by:

Todd King