32 lb Stock Replacement Tomco Disc Injectors
Part Number: D1720BA / 2768

Tomco Rotary Disc Injectors

Features of Note:
  • These injectors incorporate a disk design rather than a pintle design. This gives the injector better spraying capability and resists clogging over the other design. Others claim that a pinlte injector will lose up to 47% of its flow capability while the disk design will lose only up to 2%.
  • Fuel Regulator set @ 41 PSI
  • OHMS: High Impedance
  • Maximum Horse Power with this injector: 385 HP
  • Estimated Quarter Mile ETA: 12.0's
  • NOTE: These injectors have the ability to push a car into the 11.5 range. This was accomplished by a fellow GN owner / racer who got his 87' GN into the 11.5's. Pete says the 12.0 range is more typical of an ETA.
  • PTE estimates 360 HP and 12's using a 30# injector and a turbo ranging from Stock to a TA-49

Submitted by:

dominic giambri