36 lb "Blue Top" Injectors (Ford Super Coupe)
Part Number: F4SE-B1A / 0280150967

Blue Top Pintle Injectors

Features of Note:
  • NOTE: The "868" is the replacement injector for the blue top (discontinued). However, at this point, several companies are no longer carrying this model injector either.
  • Manufacturer: FORD
  • This information is located on the positive side of the injector (the negative side is pictured)
  • OHMS = High Impedance
  • Maximum Horse Power with this injector: 432 HP*
  • Estimated Quarter Mile ETA: 11.70's*
    * - These are Pete Barton's calculations. These numbers WILL vary due to the type of engine, after market accessories, chip settings, etc.
  • PTE estimates 430 HP and High 11's ETA using a stock turbo up to a TE-51

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