50 lb Disc Style Injectors
Part Number: UNKNOWN

50 lb Injectors

Features of Note:
  • Manufacturer: Del Phi
  • Fuel Regulator set @ 45 PSI
  • OHMS = High Impedance
  • Note: Anything greater than 50# injector (55# on up) is considered a LOW-IMPEDANCE injector and therefore requires the car's computer to be modified.
  • Maximum Horse Power with this injector = 600 HP*
  • Estimated Quarter Mile ET: 10.70's*
    * - Pete's know-how (and he must know, since he has run a 9.70 in his mighty Buick)
  • PTE agrees on this, estimating 600 HP, though an ETA is estimated at LO - MID 10's using a TE-44 to a TE-63 turbo

Submitted by:

dominic giambri