Procution 1984-1985 Turbo 3.8 Liter Intake
Casting number 25515926



Features of Note:
  • From the top you can see the PCV hole with grommet on one side and the turbo oil drain with grommet on the other side.
  • The intake uses the older style thermostat like a SBC (left side of picture)
  • Turbo inlet is on the right side of the picture
Features of Note:
  • From the side you can see decent sized intake ports
  • You can see the "low rise" intake runners and central plenum area.



Features of Note:
  • The bottom of the intake shows some of the flow path
  • Air enters the intake flows to the front of the intake and turns back and is distributed to the intake runners.
Features of Note:
  • The intake hole for the turbo is split directing the flow to the right and left separately with the EGR port in the middle.
  • You can see where the EGR port comes through the intake from the head, it is directed to the turbo inlet through the valve and pipe(not pictured) to a large threaded hole on the side of the turbo inlet port on the intake



Features of Note:
  • This view clearly shows the turbo inlet
  • You can see the grommets for the oil return and EGR
Features of Note:
  • This view clearly shows the larger thermostat opening.

Submitted by:

Joe Cook