Production 1984-1985 Turbo 3.8 Liter Intake
Casting number 25515926



Features of Note:
  • This is a view of the unique way that the oil return runs on an '84/85 turbo setup.
  • Arrow points to grommet in the intake that the oil return pipe plugs into
Features of Note:
  • In this view you can see the oil feed line (bottom/center of picture
  • The throttle body is to the right of the picture.
  • It's a TIGHT fit for the turbo in this mounting postion!



Features of Note:
  • Turbo inlet adapter plugs into the large hole (white arrow)
  • Green arrows indicate mounting points for the turbocharger itself
Features of Note:
  • This shows the oil return pipe
  • Notice the 'bellows' to allow some flex and expansion

Submitted by:

Matt Sitka