Custom Stage II Intake



Features of Note:
  • This manifold is based on a carbed Stage II intake converted to fuel injection
  • Notice the large SBC style thermostat housing
  • You can see the LARGE throttle body
  • Coil pack mounting has been fabricated to be like stock
Features of Note:
  • The plenum mimicks stock appearance,
  • Notice the aluminum vacuum block on top of the throttle body
  • The runners are relatively long and straight shots to the on-center ports



Features of Note:
  • Notice the injector placement
  • Notice the custom fuel rail
  • Notice the valley pan
Features of Note:
  • The throttle body is HUGE
  • Notice the standard looking IAC
  • The intake runners are very tall
  • The coolant sensors are tapped into the front coolant crossover



Features of Note:
  • Looking down into the manifold, you can see the adapter plate to allow a standard style plenum to be used
  • Notice how the intake is designed to take the air into the center of the intake plenum plate
  • You can clearly see the offset of the runners
Features of Note:
  • Top picture is the bottom of the plenum/throttle body assembly
  • Again, see how it is designed to dump the air in the center of the intake manifold
  • Bottom picture is the custom fuel rail
  • It is designed to take AN fittings (braided steel line most likely)
  • Ribbed and very nicely made

Submitted by:

Allan Gorneault