Charged Air System (CAS) V1 Front Mount
Front Mount


Features of Note:
  • This is the Charged Air Systems (CAS) V1 front mount kit (right) compared to a stock intercooler (left)
  • You can plainly see that the core for the V1 is 3-4 times larger in area than the stocker
  • The V1 intercooler itself has smooth end tanks wiht the initial bends for the pipes to go under the radiator support already incorporated as part of the end tanks
  • The fin density and spacing seems to be similar to the stocker


Features of Note:
  • This is a picture with the intercooler installed in the car
  • Notice the smooth bends again that tuck the pipes up under the radiator support
  • The intercooler covers the entire radiator and A/C condenser area!

Submitted by:

Ed Valvo