Charged Air Systems (CAS) V4 vs. Stock



Features of Note:
  • This is the Charged Air System (CAS) V4 stock location intercooler
  • It is also sometimes referred to as the "Tony Dequick" intercooler
  • Notice the smooth bends in the inlet and outlet tubes
  • In this picture you can see how the end tanks have a large volume and smooth shape
  • You can also see that on the left side of the picture, it uses the stock mounting boss, but on the right side there is a custom bracket to secure it
  • The core has many more rows than stock and it appears to have a denser fin count and the intercooler is a couple inches wider than 16 inches
  • The neck going to the turbo outlet is bigger with a nice smooth transitional bend
  • The neck going to the up tube (left) also has a nice smooth radiused outside curve
Features of Note:
  • This is the stock intercooler
  • You can see the smaller diameter of the necks very readily
  • The bends are sharper and more restrictive
  • The core is visibly much smaller than the CAS unit
  • At the bottom of the intercooler is a shroud/rock shield
  • The stocker is a tad shy of 16 inches across, end tank to end tank
  • Notice the sharpness of the bends, especially the on on the top right of the picture (coming out of the turbo)
  • The stock unit is a good piece for a stock car, but the extra capacity afforded by aftermarket units can drastically help performance as modifications allow the combination to flow more air



Features of Note:
  • Looking at the intercoolers "end on", you can see they are very similar in width
  • This picture shows how much taller the CAS unit is compared to the stocker
Features of Note:
  • Side by side like this really shows a lot of the differences noted in previous pictures
  • The core is much larger, especially taller
  • The end tanks are larger and smoother
  • The necks are larger are with smoother transitions

Submitted by:

Bob Kolhouse