Action Fabrication 15 row vs. Stock

Stock vs. Action Fabrication

Features of Note:
  • This is the Action Fabrication 15 row stock location intercooler(right) next to the stock (left)
  • Notice the smooth bends in the inlet and outlet tubes
  • In this picture you can see how the end tanks have a large volume and smooth shape
  • You can also see that on the it uses the stock location mounting brackets
  • The core has the same fin count as the stock
  • The Action Fabrication unit is basically a stock unit with 1/2 of another welded to the bottom
  • The neck going to the turbo outlet is bigger with a nice smooth transitional bend
  • The neck going to the up tube (left) also has a nice smooth radiused outside curve


Features of Note:
  • Looking at the intercoolers "end on", you can see they are very similar in width (left is the stock)
  • You can see that the Action Fabrication unit has a larger inlet neck with smoother bends
  • Same is true of the outlet (top of the picture)


Features of Note:
  • The stock scoop is on the left
  • The Action Fabrication has a unit that was fabricated by Art. The bottom portion of the stock shield is cut off. A new lower portion was fabricated and connection to the upper portion of the stock scoop.
  • Notice that with the stock scoop the air must make a 90 degree turn after entering the scoop than make another 90 degree turn back to go through the intercooler fins.
  • With a stretch intercooler and new scoop the air typically enters the scoop at a 45 degree angle directly through the core.
  • You'll also notice knockouts for the sway bar since the 15 row intercooler extends below the sway bar and just slightly behind it. Many people remove the sway bar so the knockouts are not needed.

Submitted by:

Art Paltz