Eastern Front Mount Intercooler
Front Mount


Features of Note:
  • This is the Eastern front mount kit
  • In this picture you can clearly see the large diameter pipes (2.5")
  • The intercooler itself has a large core with large angular end tanks
  • The bag contains all the necessary hoses and clamps
  • In this picture, the hoses and very nice clamps are installed on the pipes
  • The pipes are mandrel bent, but have a fairly sharp bends
  • The intercooler is very thick and dense


Features of Note:
  • This is a picture is very interesting in that it has the stock intercooler (far left), Eastern (middle) and a stock intercooler with a "cold box" (right)
  • The "Cold Box" encloses a stock intercooler and is designed to be filled with water and ice before a run. Works pretty decent at the track, but wasn't very effective on the street
  • You can clearly see how much larger the Eastern core area is over the stockers
  • From this angle, the end tanks on the Eastern blend nicely with the core
  • You can see also how the pipes will tuck up under the radiator support

Submitted by:

Dave Young