Hyperuetectic Speed Pro 3.8 Piston 0.030 Over
Part Number Ht-16 1-3



Features of Note:
  • This is the Speed Pro #HT-16 1-3 piston with the turbo dish.
  • It has much less support under the piston pin.
  • It does not have the oil drippers from the lower ring to lubricate the piston pin.
  • It does not have the steel support for the top ring.
Features of Note:
  • It has two notches in the top of the piston to show the side installed toward the front of the motor.
  • It has oil drain holes from the bottom ring which flow down inside the piston.
  • This piston looks to have a skirt very similar to the stock style skirt.


Features of Note:
  • It does not have the steel support plates on the sides of the piston around the piston pins.
  • It seems to be beefier than the Federal Mogul hyperuetectic piston
  • It has additional support ribs cast from the piston pin to the top and sides of the piston.

Submitted by:

Ken Mosher