TRW Forged 3.8 Turbo Piston
Part number L2481F



Features of Note:
  • This is the side view of the TRW forged 3.8 piston # L2481F.
  • It has a longer and fuller skirt than a cast hyper piston.
  • It has the thickest and heaviest piston pin of the 3.8 pistons.
  • There are no oil drippers from the bottom ring to lube the piston pin.
  • You can see two grooves that are cut in the piston pin bore to lube the pin. They are at the 10&2 o clock postitions around the pin.
  • It has more support under the pin than the hyper pistons.
Features of Note:
  • It has a dished top with a machined finish.
  • There are small drain holes drilled from the bottom ring land to the inside of the piston.


Features of Note:
  • The full skirt can be seen quite clearly.
  • The bottom of the piston is smooth
  • Pin support is pretty beefy
  • Skirt doesn't extend 360 degrees, it's flat around the pin area.

Submitted by:

David Chase