Production 4.1 Liter Timing Cover
Casting number 25515328



Features of Note:
  • Water pump openings on the left and right
  • Metal ring to retain front rope style crank seal
  • Flat cast "ring" towards the top inside of the casting for the cam button to ride on
  • Oil pump passages (3 round holes on the lower right)
  • Cast aluminum
Features of Note:
  • Provision for a distributor
  • Outside long bolts go through to the block water passages
  • Water pump bypass nipple is at right angles (upper right of picture)



Features of Note:
  • Flat cast area for water pump impeller
  • Distinct casting relief showing where the oil pump shaft runs
  • Water pump bypass on the upper right
Features of Note:
  • Notice only two bolts for the oil pan in the bottom of the casting (for 14 bolt oil pans)
  • Oil pump flange is typical Buick design


Features of Note:
  • Dowel at right for the "loose" gear of the oil pump
  • Hole at left is where oil pump shaft comes into the oil pump
  • Slightly different casting than later covers

Submitted by:

Ed Magaw