CPT-62 vs. 1986-1987 Stock Turbocharger

Fred Keene



Features of Note:
  • This is the compressor side of the 1986-87 stock turbo (right) and the CPT-62 turbo (left)
  • Notice the the wheel for the CPT62 is bigger with equal length compressor blades, unlike the staggered blades on the stocker
  • Stocker has provision for an inlet bell
  • CPT62 has the inlet bell integral to the casting
  • Notice how the CPT62 scroll (left) is taller and "fatter" than the Garrett housing (right)
  • Notice the CPT takes pressurized air for the wastegate from the SAME place as the stocker (unlike the typical TE series)
Features of Note:
  • This is bottom of the CPT62
  • Notice the very stock appearing center section
  • The compressor is noticably "fatter" than stock
  • The exhaust side has a slightly bigger inlet
  • The exhaust housing is slightly "fatter" than stock


Features of Note:
  • Notice the CPT-62 (right) has a block off provisiion for an external wastegate mounted to the exhaust housing
  • Notice the stock location of the wastegate actuator
  • The compressor is visibly "fatter" at the top of the scroll
  • The exhaust housing is also visibly different

Submitted by:

Earl Brown