Cheetah Turbocharger



Features of Note:
  • This is the compressor side of a 1994 vintage Cheetah turbo with the Super H compressor wheel and a .82 exhaust housing
  • Notice the larger compressor inlet and wheel
  • The wheel is very similar to the 60 series turbos
  • Also note the compressor housing is very similar to the stock in shape, but incorporates an integral inlet bell
  • On the right edge in the picture, you can see the cast in Turbonetics logo
  • If you look carefully, you can see that the Cheetah has equal length compressor blades
Features of Note:
  • This is the downpipe side of the Cheetah turbo
  • Notice that this turbo has a provision for a wastegate mounting right on the housing (it's blocked off in this photo)
  • Note stock wastegate hole
  • The housing is noticeably "fatter" than a 0.63 housing
  • Notice how the turbine wheel is basically the same as the stocker



Features of Note:
  • Looking at the compressor outlet, it looks larger than stock
  • You can see the integral bell profile in this photo
  • Stock center section
  • You can plainly see the provision for an external wastegate mounted to the housing in this angle
  • Also, note the fatter exhaust housing, since it is a .82 A/R housing
  • Features of Note:
    • The compressor profile looks to be a bit wider than a stocker
    • The inlet to the turbine is typical 3 bolt and similar to stock
    • Stock center section
    • Turbine housing has a profile very similar to any Garret housing, except for the wastegate provision

    Submitted by:

    Frank Szymkowski