TA33 Turbocharger
John Craig - Limit Engineering


Features of Note:
  • On the left is a Limt Engineering TA-33 for a "hot air" car (1984/85) and on the right is the stock turbo
  • The TA-33 is a Garrett T3/T04E hybrid using the larger impellers in the stock housings
  • The stock turbo flows ~390 cfm at 15psi while the TA-33 flows !700cfm
  • The TA-33 is basically the same configuration as an intercooled car's TA-49, but the housings are for the hot air style mounting (and a tad less efficient as a result)
  • Note the difference in thickness between the walls of the compressor housing
  • Note the bevel inside the housing of the stock turbo is completely removed to make room for the larger turbine


Features of Note:
  • Again, on the left is the TA-33 and the right is the stocker
  • The pitch of the blades isn't changed much (to keep stock spool up characteristics) but the size of the exhaust outlet is noticeably larger.
  • The turbine has a much bigger "footprint" on the TA-33
  • The wastegate hole has been slightly enlarged for better boost control

Submitted by:

Mike Bonneau