TA62 Turbocharger vs. Stock



Features of Note:
  • Left to Right
    • Stock turbocharger
    • TA62
  • Notice the MUCH larger compressor inlet and wheel
  • If you look carefully, you can see that the TA62 has equal length compressor blades, while the stocker has a tall blade and a shorter blade (alternating)
  • TA62 has a replacement inlet bell with no valve cover vent tube provision (stocker is blocked off with a rubber cap in this photo)
Features of Note:
  • Left to Right
    • Stock Turbocharger
    • TA62
  • Notice the small amount of "meat" on the upper left part of the downpipe mating surface
  • Notice how HUGE the turbine is compared to the stocker
  • Notice the difference in pitch of the turbine blades

Submitted by:

Dave Young