TE61 vs. 1986-1987 Stock Turbocharger



Features of Note:
  • This is the compressor side of the 1986-87 stock turbo (right) and the TE61 turbo (left)
  • Notice the the wheel for the TE61 is bigger with equal length compressor blades, unlike the staggered blades on the stocker
  • Stocker has provision for an inlet bell
  • TE61 has the inlet bell integral to the casting
  • Notice how the TE61 scroll (left) is taller and "fatter" than the Garrett housing (right), as is typical for the TE series
  • Notice the TE61 takes pressurized air from a different place than the stocker
Features of Note:
  • This is the downpipe side of the stocker (right) and the TE61 (left)
  • The TE61 has wastegate hole taken out bigger than stock for better boost control
  • The wheel design for the TE61 is MUCH larger in diameter. Notice the thin sealing area in the upper left part of the downpipe mating area.
  • Notice that the actual turbine housings (irrespective of the machining) are basically identical externally


Features of Note:
  • In this photo we can see the slightly different design of the turbine housing for the TE61 (left)
  • We can also see how much bigger the compressor housing is, compared to the stocker
  • Stock center sections for both turbos
  • You can clearly see the integral bell on the TE61 (left) and the bolt on bell on the stocker (right)

Submitted by:

Jim Testa