TE62 vs. 1986-1987 Stock Turbocharger



Features of Note:
  • This is the compressor side of the 1986-87 stock turbo (right) and the TE62 turbo (left)
  • Notice the the wheel for the TE62 is bigger with equal length compressor blades, unlike the staggered blades on the stocker
  • Stocker has provision for an inlet bell
  • TE62 has the inlet bell integral to the casting
  • Notice how the TE62 scroll (right) is taller and "fatter" than the Garrett housing (right), as is typical for the TE series
  • Notice the TE62 takes pressurized air from a different place than the stocker
Features of Note:
  • This is the downpipe side of the stocker (right) and the TE62 (left)
  • The TE62 has wastegate hole taken out bigger than stock. It appears to be matched to the ATR style downpipe which uses and external wastegate
  • The wheel design for the TE62 is MUCH larger in diameter. Notice the very thin sealing area in the upper left part of the downpipe mating area. This is about as big of a turbine wheel as will fit in the stock housing without welding or special provisions
  • Notice that the actual turbine housings (irrespective of the machining) are basically identical externally

Submitted by:

Kendall Frederick