Ten Second Street Turbo Regal Recipe
Cal Hartline
HighPSI on IRC Dalnet
"This information represents what worked for the author(s) with their combinations. It may not work for you. Be aware that anytime you increase the performance of your car you run the risk of damage. Be smart about modifications: take them one at a time and keep a close eye on vital tuning indicators such as knock counts, O2 volts and RPM. This Recipe assumes you are using adequate octane RACING fuel for best performance. -editor"
I have an 87 GN that is my primary transportation. It is driven every day rain or shine. Because of this it has 207,000 miles on it (3 engine rebuilds and 3 transmissions later). The car has stock interior with a GNX style dash and all the original options still on it (AC is a must here in Florida). Here is my build up, with comments.
  • Stock block with center two caps billet TRW .030 pistons w/Total Seal Rings- I love these and recommend them to every one. No more blow by, and more hp, too
  • Stock rods w/ stock bolts
  • Stock Crank turned .010/.010- This allowed me to tighten the bearing clearances and get more oil pressure, which I prefer
  • Cam is a 218/218- This is a little aggressive, and not necessary to get into the 10's. Just depends on how fast you want to go.
  • High flow front cover
  • Stock balancer, flywheel, rocker arms and throttle body
  • Stock Intake and plenum
  • Ported Champion Aluminum heads econo ported/lock wired- These aren't needed but, the power is in the heads, the better you have the faster you are. They are as streetable as irons, and resist detonation well.
  • Turbo: TE-63 w/HKS wastegate- This is more turbo than necessary. Use as small of a turbo as you can to get the job done. Smaller=more streetable
  • ATR liquid- I think this is the most streetable intercooler made, and the most expensive <Grin> Not necessary, but nice
  • ATR headers
  • 3" downpipe
  • Single shot 3"
Fuel system and Engine Management System
  • ATR double pumper
  • stock lines
  • Kenne-Bell billet regulator
  • Seiman 55# injectors
  • Accel DFI
  • 200R4 with heavy duty clutches and shift kit Art Carr 9" convertor
  • Auburn posi w/ 3.42 gears
  • Moser 30 Spline axles w/ C-Clip eliminators
Suspension and Tires
  • Bell-Tech lowering kit- I like the looks with the 16" GNX wheels :)
  • ATR rear sway bar with no front
  • Southside Lift Bars set at 6 degrees
  • MT 28 X 11.50 ET Street tires
87GN Daily Driver 10.625 through the muffler on DOT tires

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