Hot Air Turbo Regal Recipe - Hot Airs Rule!
Jamie J. Foster-Wolcott
"This information represents what worked for the author(s) with their combinations. It may not work for you. Be aware that anytime you increase the performance of your car you run the risk of damage. Be smart about modifications: take them one at a time and keep a close eye on vital tuning indicators such as knock counts, O2 volts and RPM. This Recipe assumes you are using adequate octane RACING fuel for best performance. -editor"
First of all I bought the hot air Grand National because a friend told me there was one he knew about. The car was very abused by the previous owner. Some of the issues was the radiator was pretty well plugged solid and lots of dents. It seems the previous owner took to parking it under a walnut tree.

One of the first things we did was pull the motor and took it to Weber racing in Ridgeville, Ohio to have the motor gone through and start a rebuilt.

The Recipe
  1. We found the block was in excellent condition. The heads were not nor were the headers. We went with TRW pistons 30 over and billet center main caps.

  2. We went with the ATR stainless steel set up for the Headers, down pipe, cross over and exhaust. This gives the car a modest rumble and was a direct bolt on.
  3. The heads were actually 87 GN heads that were ported and polished with bigger valves and heads o ringed

  4. We decided on a roller cam with roller rockers using the 206/ 206 Weber cam for this application.

  5. The stock turbo and throttle body were sent to Limited engineering and a 63 size turbo was placed in the stock housing. The stock throttle body was opened up as wide as possible without going through approximately 62 mm. Installed an 87 waste gate set up with 1 line instead of 2.

  6. We decided on the 86/87 Ecm conversion, which included the maf sensor and map sensor upgrade using the Casper electronics kit.

  7. Upgraded the stock coil to an 86/87 coil using the conversion kit offered by Caspers electronics as well.

  8. Removed the fan shroud after upgrading to a twin fan set up as well as new radiator from Be Cool. This has an adjustable thermostat that cycles automatically when the car reaches a certain temperature to keep the car as cool as possible.

  9. 160 degree thermostat.

  10. 42.5 # injectors with a Red Armstrong 108 chip burned for the hot air set up.

  11. Hot wire fuel pump using the Walbro 340 and adjustable fuel regulator

  12. Went with an electric water pump for the turbo v-6, this meant we had to delete two of the belts and only run one for our new set up.

  13. Oil evac system

  14. Bilstein shocks with metro boxed in lower control arms and adjustable uppers.

  15. Air bags in the back we are running 18# passenger and 6# in the driver’s air bag. Put 30# in the spare tire space over passenger tire. Rebuilt front suspension and replaced all the springs.

  16. Replaced all the body mounts including the ones for the GNX (my car was missing 6)

  17. Brakes are s-10 wheel cylinders with soft compound shoes.

  18. Transmission is a 200 4 r metric reworked with the BRF valve body.

  19. Running a 3200 lock up converter Art Carr set up.

  20. Have a drive shaft loop

  21. Upgraded to the ATR rear sway bar.

  22. TA rear end cover

  23. 3.73 gears, with a posi rear end.

  24. Tires of choice have been Mikey Thompson ET streets 28 x 11.5 by 15 with 14# of air pressure, for rears. 26x7.5x15 Mickey Thompson sportsman pros on front on 26x4.5x15 Centerline Tel stars rims. (Running Centerline Tel Star rims on rear as well)

  25. Have an 6 point cage from Art Morrison and 5 point seat harness, kept stock seats and seat belts.

  26. Hurst quick silver shifter

  27. Run the NGKUR5 spark plug gapped at .030 with the plug wires from Quad air

  28. Have done a ground up restoration, this included body work, new seat covers by Jax’s , new carpet and hand cleaning all interior pieces. Also replaced the sagging headliner with the kit offered by Cars. We have repainted and detailed the motor compartment as well.

  29. Run the turbobuicks smaller starter

  30. Intake is stock gasket ported and egr blanked off this work was completed by I win engineering, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  31. One of the things we have found really useful is making a 3 hole binder of all the information we have on our cars. This way you have a quick reference right at your finger tips. Even though I’m sure we will all agree this site is the best out there for information on our cars.
  32. ESP 208/228 cam in 2003
  33. 3" Lee Thompson downpipe with Deltagate in crossover in 2003
  34. SMC EGT meter

Track Testing
The best pass to date at this time is 11.637

The slip looks like this:

7.345@ 91.79/div>
11.637@ 113.53

This was reading the tree and building next to nothing for boost before the launch. Can only get about 4#'’ against the brake right now with the smaller converter, but seems to work well. A transbrake by Performance Transmissions is in the works for next year. The boost was at 25# with about 80 #’s of fuel pressure at wot.

I would like to thank first of all my husband Karl who supported me with this project with a lot of dedication and hard work. (and not to mention a little cursing at the car as well, thus the name Karl’s Kurse) Thank you! I would like to Thank Louie who said this could be done, Thanks for your support. Also, Marka who already achieved this goal. A big thanks to Lee Thompson who directed us in the right direction and was more then willing to help us with our application. Thank you. Also, but not least, Ken Mosher who has allowed me to ask about a thousand questions in the past 5 years. Thank you. I know there are a lot of others. Thanks!

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