Ten Second Turbo Regal Recipe
Joe Harrington
"This information represents what worked for the author(s) with their combinations. It may not work for you. Be aware that anytime you increase the performance of your car you run the risk of damage. Be smart about modifications: take them one at a time and keep a close eye on vital tuning indicators such as knock counts, O2 volts and RPM. This Recipe assumes you are using adequate octane RACING fuel for best performance. -editor"
I have a full weight steel car with no fiberglass, full interior and working A/C (well it needs to be charged). Car has a full roll cage for safety. I DO DRIVE THE CAR DAILY (to work when the weather is nice.) I have provided a build list that I may have published here before. I am very conservative with the boost and have never had it over 20lbs. Everyone tells me that the turbo I have dosen't even start to make big power until 24+lbs of boost. They say I should run 24 to 28 lbs but I say NO WAY, I wana keep my heads on.
The Recipe
Car runs 10.60's with 19 lbs. boost. Car is all steal with full interior and working A/C
  1. Original factory block with approx. 28,000 miles on it taken .0020 over.
  2. 3.400 steel forged Buick crank
  3. Buick V-6 steel caps
  4. Forged rods & J&E forged pistons
  5. High flow front cover
  6. Heavy duty Fly wheel
  7. SFI balancer
  8. 220+ cam
  9. Heavily ported Original Factory cast iron heads and intake
  10. 72mm throttle body with 2 plenum spacers
  11. Precision front mount intercooler
  12. ATR Headers and 3" downpipe with external wastegate
  13. PT-72 4 bolt turbo with 4" inlet
  14. ATR single shot 3" exhaust
  15. T&D Rockers
  16. EGR capped
  17. Original Factory 200R4 trans with a full race build from Jimmy's transmissions
  18. Art Carr 9" converter, approx. 4000 stall
  19. Factory rear end with Moser Axles, long studs, 3:90 gears
  20. MT 28X10 slicks @ 13.5lbs on Weld Pro Star wheels
  21. 2 air bags
  22. Full roll cage by Competition cars
  23. 2 bosch 284 umps feeding into -10 fuel line from 8 gal. fuel cell in trunk.
  24. 83 lbs. injectors
  25. FELPRO computerized fuel management system
  26. Heavy duty steal drive shaft
  27. Digital thermocouple to measure exhaust gas temperature
  28. Autometer gauges, oil pressure, fuel pressure, water temp, Tach. & Boost.
  29. Fiberglass front seats with full interior
  30. Full steel car, NO Fiberglass panels weighs 3712 with 4 gal of fuel
  31. Full set of switches to control electronic devices
  32. Working A/C
  33. Fresh Show quality paint job just completed on 13 Jan 98.
  34. 5 point shoulder harness for driver and passenger
Final Notes
The car is very streetable, as I drive it daily back & forth to work (approx 6 miles each way, in good weather)

CHASSIS MODIFICATIONS 90/10 Front Race Shocks, Southside Traction Bars (rear) & Pinion Snubber

INTERIOR MODIFICATIONS Hurst Shifter, Autometer Gauges Consisting of the following: Boost Pressure, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, & Tach.

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