TCC Solenoid Replacement
Ken Mosher
1. Prepare for a Dexron II shampoo! <*GRIN*>
2. Undo the transmission pan bolts evenly until you can tilt the pan enough to drain most of the fluid.
3. Drop the pan.
4. Remove the transmission filter. Be sure that the ribbed O-Ring comes out of the pump body.
5. Locate the wires that run across the bottom of the valve body and trace them towards the front of the car.
6. Notice where the wires go into the solenoid (at the front of the car). Undo the two bolts holding the solenoid in place.
7. Now remove the solenoid. It may be in there pretty tight, so get a firm grip and wiggle it gently back in forth until it comes free.
8. Unclip the wires all the way back to the grommet in the side of the transmission and pull the wires through to remove the solenoid and wiring harness completely.
9. The new GM solenoid comes with a new wiring harness, so route the wires back the same way the old wires were placed.
10. Install the new solenoid in the pump by seating it firmly.
11. Reinstall the two bolts and double check the routing of the wiring.
12. Install a fresh filter and O ring.
13. Reinstall the pan with a fresh gasket.
14. Rinse all the fluid out of your hair! <*GRIN*>

Hint: Now might be a good time to install a drain plug in the pan to make it easier to drain fluid when you need to do transmission service.

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