Intercoolers for Hot Air Cars
Brent Hayhurst
What is the difference between '84/85 Turbo Regals and '86/87 Regals?
There are many differences, such as location of the turbo, intake configuration, exhaust header configuration, brake systems, etc, etc, etc. However, the MAJOR difference revolves around the addition of an intercooler to the '86-87 cars.

Hence the name "Hot Air Cars", applied to the earlier Turbo Regals. Some Hot Air owners have decided that intercooling is a viable alternative and would like to get more horse power without hurting the car.

Where do I find an intercooler for my Hot Air Turbo Regal?
There are many people who sell intercoolers for the hot air guys, but most of the kits I have seen use the same idea. That is to route a front mount intercooler intake tube from the front along the driver side fender, across the back wall into the intake. The turbo housing gets turned to feed air into the intercooler. The long return route for the intercooler piping has encouraged some people to make their own setups to try to reduce the amount of piping and simplify the routing.

There are a few hot air cars with the intercooler modifiction that are getting eleven second E.T.s with the intercooler and supporting modifications. With the addition of an intercooler and the denser, cooler intake charge, your fuel system will have to be upgraded to support the additional air.

Some sources for intercooler kits
The following is a list of some sources for intercoolers I have found for the hot air cars:

Spearco has a brochure with pictures the # is (818) 901-7851 Fax:(818)785-4362 it is $952.00. The system is complete with all necessary mounting hardware and includes 2-1/4 diameter tubes,throttle body adapter,and all nessary harware and complete installation instructions. This system will give you about a 24% power increases depending on the vehicles
speed and rpm.

  1. Eastern Performance has one in their catalog.
  2. Kenne-Bell has one in there catalog also.
  3. Conley's Performance Plus has one on their web site and in their catalog.
  4. Tony Dequick of Charged Air Systems also has a kit for these cars.

Of course, you can make you own custom design but be aware that intercoolers for these cars are not cheap. However, they will deliver a lot of horsepower for the buck.

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