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Exclamation Re: 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am Reunion in Hebron, Ohio in 2011

OK boys are you ready for our special guest attending the TTA reunion next year at National Trail Raceway in Hebron, Ohio...

Attending the 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am reunion next year will be the one and only. Mister Turbo Trans Am, Mister PAS him self....


I am so fired up Scott is going to attend our event!! It's been hard holding it back and I leaked the news out to a few members but Scott Kelly is/was PAS. He test drove each and every one of your cars when they rolled out of PAS in 1989!! These cars all deserve to head back to the BPG event in Ohio next year and see their creator once again! Scott is excited about the event and can't wait to see a long line of TTA's sitting in the pits at National Trail Raceway next year! He is working on some projects for the TTA's that will be announcing shortly! He misses the TTA's dearly and told me it was one of the most special projects he's ever done! So let's show Scott how each and every one of the TTA owners out there are nothing but first class and bring our TTA's out to this event next year! Some way, in any shape or form, get your TTA out to Ohio next year for this event and let's all make history!

This news blew me away when he said he would attend this event. After all without him there would never have been an 1989 turbo Trans AM!

Here is a little info on Scott Kelly for those that don't know him....

Scott Kelly was instrumental in the development and production of the 1989 20th Anniversary Trans Am. Scott served as the Engineering Liaison between PAS and General Motors throughout the program as well as being responsible for the all of the Trans Ams used during the month of May 1989 including the 3 actual Pace Cars. After the Trans Am program Scott worked as the Service and Warranty administrator for the Anniversary Trans Am, Syclone, Typhoon, Sonoma GT as well as Natural Gas powered trucks that PAS produced until 1994.

Scott and his Wife Ann currently own a small automotive technical writing company name Kelly Automobile Technologies that specialized in vehicle proposals, technical papers and marketing materials. Ann and Scott met under the hood of a prototype 20th Anniversary Trans Am in 1988 as Ann was tasked by Pontiac to develop the Owner’s Manual Supplement for the car.

I mean how cool is this news! The one and only Scott Kelly will be there next year in Ohio.

OK so now... Here is what we are working on for next year at the TTA reunion...

We are going to have possibly 2 or more Q&A sessions with Scott Kelly in the Jegs suite at the track. If attendance grows over the size of the Jegs suite we may relocated this Q&A session but we'll work on that as time gets closer. For now we have secured the suite all weekend thanks to BPG. The suite looks down the quarter mile and it's got cold AC! Scott will bring some never before seen pictures and documents from the making of the TTA back in 1989! We will show them while Scott tells us all about how the TTA came to life and the entire history behind the cars.

This is why we started the thread about questions on these cars because we have the man himself going to answer them for you at this event! I have spoke to Scott many times on the phone over the last year and some of the information he has gives me chills! Never before known facts about these cars will now be all out in the open! Trust me if you have the love for these cars that I do, this is something you do not want to miss!

Also... We will have dash plaques made for this event. On these plaques we will have a place for each and every TTA owner to write his name, vin, and car number. We will then take a picture of Scott Kelly, you, and the plaque in front of your car! How cool is that! You will be able to have a picture of your TTA with Scott showing that you were there! That should drive the prices up of your TTA's value!

Any means you have no matter how far away, if you own a TTA you have to get it out to Ohio next year for this event! Low miles, High miles, Garage queens and junk yard kings we want to see them ALL there next year in Ohio! This is event is every reason why we all own and love our 1989 turbo trans am's. Now it's time to bring them back together for the first time EVER with their creator. It just does not get any better then this! It's a year away and I'm so excited I wish it was tomorrow! These cars were always considered the red headed step child of the Pontiac world, well now it's time to show them how we can all come together once again! This event will be history in the making.

We have contacted Hemming's, Pontiac Enthusiasts, GM High Tech, and other publications to cover this event. So start your engines blow the cob webs off and get your TTA out to National Trail Raceway one way or another next year!

We also have other special guest that will be added as time passes on! We are not done yet! So stay tunned and find a way to get your TTA out to Ohio next year!

I would also like the thank BPG (Buick Performance Group) for letting us use this venue for a history making event like this. The BPG has done some amazing events at this location over the past few years like the GSX reunion and the Stage 1 reunion to name a few. They are a first class operation all the way. I was extremely pleased when they reached out to host the 1989 turbo trans am reunion at their location. If you want to know more about the BPG and or join their club, follow this link...

members of the BPG do receive discounted ticket prices at the event next year so you may want to join the BPG to save some money on admission, show, and race fee's next year. It's a great group of guys and well worth the membership money.

Below is a never before seen picture of Scott Kelly and the TTA's at Indy! This is only one of the amazing picture collection Scott Kelly will share with us next year in Ohio at the reunion. Scott wants to repeat this picture in Ohio next year so bring those TTA's out!

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